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#34…”Get stuck in the thick of it” – Otto Snoek

I was pretty excited to see this week’s Street Photography Now instruction. After a few weeks of rather oblique briefs the explicitness of this one came as a relief. After browsing though some of Otto Snoek’s images I was glad I had a weekend engagement in Itaewon, a notorious neighborhood that becomes particularly surreal and gaudy at night. After having a classy dinner at a local micro-brew for a friends birthday I dragged Lauren through the local clubs catering to off duty soldiers from the local U.S Army base. Luckily I was feeling pretty brazen and just started weaving around sneaking off shots with the flash. I was received better than expected.  We jumped from hip-hop spot to country western bar finally watching a group of soldiers fall into a transsexual nightclub. Dubiously street photography I would like to think these images still fit the brief, although I’m still not sure which one to use.

SPNP #34- Itaewon Freedom

SPNP #34- Itaewon Freedom








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“Unless the supernatural comes and plays a part and reveals itself, the picture is only as good and nice as information can be” – Raghu Rai

Moran Market
Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. South Korea

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Instruction #29

“Find an ambiguity that lies just below the surface.” – Jesse Marlow

nikon fe2
nikkor 24mm
ilford hp5 125

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