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Film drop: Ilford hp5 400, fp4 125, delta 3200+kodak tmax 400

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Week #4- April, 27th, 2010- Nightime is the right time

Week #4- April, 27th, 2010- Nightime is the right time

The winter has finally thawed out and everyone is back out in the streets again. It’s been good to get together with friends and rekindle old habits (all day wanders across Seoul ending in all night carousing).

Last week (or was it the week before, oh both) I had a great day street shooting with friends followed by a night out in Hongdae. This is Lhasa, a fucking rad outfit from down in Busan. I originally met these guys at a party at agit art space down in B-town, and had the chance to see them later in Seoul.

I had picked some 3200 Ilford months ago and was waiting for some nocturnal adventures to use it. I’m really pleased with the results.

nikon fe2
nikkor 24mm
Ilford delta 3200

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