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52 Weeks. #1- At the Hospital

I recently realized that I don’t take personal photos anymore, or if I do they just sit to rot in the dregs of a wayward hard-drive. I tempted myself to start a 52 week project trying to rekindle images and stories from my own life. I love to shoot street, and by no means does this project exclude it, but I’m curious to see if I can keep this going. Suffering from a bad personal memory, maybe this is a way I can keep track of myself.

Week #1, March 27, 2011…At the Hospital. (the end of the world as we know it, 52 weeks in seoul)

Week #1, March 27, 2011
I’ve been spending way more time than usual waiting in hospital lobbies. This is a curious phenomenon springing from a certain illness acquired by someone very close. Hospitals are frightening places for me and being there days consecutively is a really daunting experience, especially sitting in wards dedicated to highly contagious diseases. I often think of the orderlies who spend hours and hours in that environment and quickly realize I could never have a job in the medical field. It’s not that I am afraid of germs, because I’m really not, It’s more the inevitable fact that our bodies break down…and we get old. And that’s what become so inevitably clear as I sit in the lobbies….waiting.

nikon fe2
nikkor 24mm
fuji provia 400


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