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Week #5- Spring Sprung

#5- Spring Sprung\

cherry blossoms, apartment towers
bundang, gyeonggi-do, south korea

“i can’t smell a thing can’t see their pink
but they’ll find branches next spring”



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Week #4- April, 27th, 2010- Nightime is the right time

Week #4- April, 27th, 2010- Nightime is the right time

The winter has finally thawed out and everyone is back out in the streets again. It’s been good to get together with friends and rekindle old habits (all day wanders across Seoul ending in all night carousing).

Last week (or was it the week before, oh both) I had a great day street shooting with friends followed by a night out in Hongdae. This is Lhasa, a fucking rad outfit from down in Busan. I originally met these guys at a party at agit art space down in B-town, and had the chance to see them later in Seoul.

I had picked some 3200 Ilford months ago and was waiting for some nocturnal adventures to use it. I’m really pleased with the results.

nikon fe2
nikkor 24mm
Ilford delta 3200

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52 weeks. Week #2. in the cafe

Week #2- April 5th, 2011- in the cafe
Week #2- April 5th, 2011- in the cafe
I’m at the end of an almost month long stretch without a regular internet connection. Besides when travelling that’s probably the longest domestic stretch without it since I was a broke student who couldn’t afford it.

This is Lauren at a cafe around the corner where we must of spent 100 dollars on overpriced lattes during our bi-weekly internet sessions.

I always bemoan the time-wasting effects of constant connection and I did read a lot more without the internet. But living in a foreign land it is nice to have that comfort of skyping (or the ability to), and being able to zoom back home with the click of a button.

Anyway, I;m back on now, after finally managing to move my account through the beauracreatic malestrom of the Korea internet security agency.


nikon fe2
nikkor 24mm
Ilford 400

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52 Weeks. #1- At the Hospital

I recently realized that I don’t take personal photos anymore, or if I do they just sit to rot in the dregs of a wayward hard-drive. I tempted myself to start a 52 week project trying to rekindle images and stories from my own life. I love to shoot street, and by no means does this project exclude it, but I’m curious to see if I can keep this going. Suffering from a bad personal memory, maybe this is a way I can keep track of myself.

Week #1, March 27, 2011…At the Hospital. (the end of the world as we know it, 52 weeks in seoul)

Week #1, March 27, 2011
I’ve been spending way more time than usual waiting in hospital lobbies. This is a curious phenomenon springing from a certain illness acquired by someone very close. Hospitals are frightening places for me and being there days consecutively is a really daunting experience, especially sitting in wards dedicated to highly contagious diseases. I often think of the orderlies who spend hours and hours in that environment and quickly realize I could never have a job in the medical field. It’s not that I am afraid of germs, because I’m really not, It’s more the inevitable fact that our bodies break down…and we get old. And that’s what become so inevitably clear as I sit in the lobbies….waiting.

nikon fe2
nikkor 24mm
fuji provia 400

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