Gangnam at night

Gangnam never had much appeal for me. Sure, the flashy lights are neat, the billowing rows of street food a plus, and the endless clusters of noraebangs and hofs enticing. But the whole place always leaves me a bit bored, at least from a night life standard. That said, I relocated to a new place a little outside the city and every weekend have to catch a bus from Gangnam station home. Last week I strolled around a bit and tried to grab a few frames of the mid-evening cacophony.

I’ve found myself rarely shooting with my dslr lately. I’m not sure why, but I make all kinds of excuses, but I think it settles on the Nikon FX lenses, and how soft and slow they seem to be (at least the ones I can afford.) Lately, I’ve been using my old AI lenses on my dslr and having a much better time. They don’t meter, so a bit of guess work there, but that quirkiness, combined with using stupidly high iso’s has made me break out my old body. Here are a few frames from that pre-bus stroll through river south. Expect more.

gangnam at night

gangnam at night

gangnam at night

gangnam at night

gangnam at night

gangnam at night


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