52 weeks. Week #2. in the cafe

Week #2- April 5th, 2011- in the cafe
Week #2- April 5th, 2011- in the cafe
I’m at the end of an almost month long stretch without a regular internet connection. Besides when travelling that’s probably the longest domestic stretch without it since I was a broke student who couldn’t afford it.

This is Lauren at a cafe around the corner where we must of spent 100 dollars on overpriced lattes during our bi-weekly internet sessions.

I always bemoan the time-wasting effects of constant connection and I did read a lot more without the internet. But living in a foreign land it is nice to have that comfort of skyping (or the ability to), and being able to zoom back home with the click of a button.

Anyway, I;m back on now, after finally managing to move my account through the beauracreatic malestrom of the Korea internet security agency.


nikon fe2
nikkor 24mm
Ilford 400


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