The Han River bike trail is my church. I ride it home from school even though it takes an hour longer. This is the tunnel that separates the quiet expanse of the river park from the chaotic jumble of Seoul. The portal through which I often pass through reluctantly.

Seoul- Minolta SRT

Seoul- Minolta SRT

Seoul- Minolta Srt 35mm- Hangang tunnel

Seoul- Minolta SRT


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One response to “tunnel

  1. Well done!

    Your photographs are very relaxing to look at. I just returned from South Korea and so this scene (especially the final one) struck a chord of familiarity and sentimentalism which I am sure to return to many times.

    Isn’t it amazing how the cyclists ride on the same paths as the pedestrians? Its very unique, I think, to South Korea.

    Have you been to Andong?


    Dorian Wacquez

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