Goodbye montage. Footage found on the bottom of my shoe. Nikon d5000.



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5 responses to “BUSAN BLITZ

  1. sarah


    My name’s sarah. I’m a friend of Breanne Rupp. We met this summer at a studio program in Richmond, Va. I’m considering teaching english abroad next year so she sent me a link to your awesome site. I understand that you were participating in a teaching program in Korea. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your experiences there in terms of which program you participated in, accomodations, teaching responsibilities, ease of travel, etc. If you had some extra time to email me with your thoughts/opinions on the program I would be forever grateful!
    Thanks so much!


  2. Ryan

    great video! i miss busan. now i’m crackin’ heads up here in seoul. what lenses did you use?

  3. mother nursing
    boats, wood on the docks
    necessity and hand craft…

  4. Duder,
    There are some sublime videos and pictures you got here.
    You really have cinematographic talent.
    I mean it.
    Keep on having fun.

  5. http://10magazine.asia/3771/korea-awaits-video-contest/

    just change the song …. and send me a postcard from Tokyo.

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