spring sprung

Jinhae Cherry BlossomsSpring is here and alive in all its varied guises. The cherry blossoms bloomed and I choked on yellow dust and sniveled a sinusy sigh of relief for the warmer weather. The streets, laden with pollen, sprung fresh greenery, lanterns hang near temples and kids are running ape-shit in the streets. Lauren planted a few tubs full of lettuce and strawberries on the roof of the apartment and I went up there and coughed at all the fresh air. This morning a mist hung over the mountain, looking slightly tropical. Anyway, things are back in a warmer degree. I started volunteering for a local UNESCO organization, doing cultural courses at local high schools: blabbing about creole culture, Coltrane, wigwams and skateboarding, trying an unconventional tack.

Anyway, here are some spring artifacts from the past few weeks:

Jinhae Cherry BlossomsJinhae Cherry Blossoms

Jinhae Cherry Blossoms



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2 responses to “spring sprung

  1. That sailor picture is great. Nice work, man.

  2. Traveling far. Standing still.

    Thanks, the photos were taken by my girlfriend, she’d boil me if I didn’t mention that. Anyway, I dig your site as well, it packs some good ol’ non-partisan punch, appreciate that.

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