poetry #1

Slurping down a piping bowl of ramen, marking my student’s writing assignments, I feel like I am reading a surrealist manifesto, or dadaist poetry;  I’m bemused with the incongruency and novelty of mistranslation. Watching the kids furiously trying to translate their thoughts with their cellphone dictionaries, scratching their heads, digging their pencils into the hand-out I give them, I like to pretend think I am getting a glimpse of their secret genius hidden below the oppressive educational fascism . Somehow they break cliche. Here are the collected works.


I snorkel I can eat air

we can eat fresh air in nature

I know dies nature horror (ohh!)

the nature is smell of nice


I cucumber vacation very much

I am traveling abroad with my family we are looking at the towel

I eat dirty spaghetti in eataly


He stares at the robot contest

I am growing artificial flower

artificial people and robot is same


I see Peter’s creature, I say ‘oh my god’

we are greature because got made we

creature is greature


the cowboy hit the cow

hitting hitting cow ‘umm maa’

cowboy is good job but I no like job

bodies, midnight birds and magic

the Busan shore is very dope

at midnight instant foods feed a bird

the container is my mind

I must listen carefully because my teacher is scary

I stare at the ice-cream phone

my brother picks your nose

baby cats eat the mom’s cats chest

i have a neck down my face

My favorite thing is knife

I don’t believe in magic, magic is in front of me



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4 responses to “poetry #1

  1. I really like that. Hope you post more of them in the future.


  2. Hey Kelly, I just heard the “Let’s Talk Korean” webcast and would like the addy to your blog. My kid is in Busan and wants to do some surfing. Thought I’d hook him up with some expats in the area. Send me your info please?


    p.s. this is the only link I could find when I googled your blog name.

  3. We are putting together a small guide to Busan… I would like to put this in there as a feature with your blog url and a short bio about ya.

    Drop me a line as soon as you get a chance.


  4. Nice to read it. what subject of teacher are u in korea? english?

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