Beomeosa Afternoon

Canon hv30
premiere cs3
Some shots from a directionless Saturday exploring the temple grounds at Beomeosa. I threw my camera in a bag and nabbed a few candid shots. The audio was from a group of women singing pansori folk songs at the top of the hiking trail, near the north gate. After hiking a few hours we were approached by some older Korean hikers curious about foreigners. They coerced us into drinking soju, afterward we all stumbled down the hill and they took us for dinner. I wanted to incorporate the footage but sadly my trial neoscene pull-down tool ended half way through converting. Hopefully I can incorporate them into something soon.

Below are some accompanying photographs, courtesy of LW

Cherrry blossoms

Beomeosa roof




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6 responses to “Beomeosa Afternoon

  1. breanne

    yeah! the singing is so beautiful… and the image is so clear. its really nice. i especially liked the parts with the little kids, bow-ing and step-ing and the shot at the kneeled feet and the water shots.

  2. Looking good…have you found another program that will do the pull-down for you? I’m going to give neoscene a try, but finding a more permanent solution is needed; especially one that’s inexpensive.

  3. No, I have read of a few DIY methods, but they are all pretty involved- if you have after effects, I think that is the easiest fix- there’s a way to change the frame rates with a special script command. The trial lasts seven days, otherwise it costs 150$, a little too much at the moment. I am going to test the 60i and 30p options, but from everything I have seen the 24p looks the best by far.

    Check out and look at the 24p workflow forum, it lists all the potential fixes.

  4. I have both After Effects and Final Cut Studio 2. It seems that the fix with AE seems to involve Premiere, where as there is a thread here:

    That claims you can do it all within Final Cut Studio 2. Should be interesting to try out, although all the fixes seem to be lengthy.

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