film test #3 (a Daegu afternoon)

After an accidental delete and some problems converting files, I have new film test, mostly from out of town. We spent Saturday in Daegu with friends and came back to check the grand opening of the Songjeong surf club on Sunday. Up north, we peeped some markets and bought boot leg dvd’s across from the military base. I seem to be giving up on words, so check the images.

Canon HV30
shot in HD, 24 frames per second



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6 responses to “film test #3 (a Daegu afternoon)

  1. Once again, the footage looks great. I’m really impressed on how the 24p looks, and will definitely have to try it out soon.

    How are you working the focus wheel so smoothly? You must have a very steady hand to be able to make such smooth transitions, I haven’t been able to it work out as much as I’d like, and usually try to avoid using it too much, besides the manual focus before shooting.

    I don’t have much posted yet, but there is a video I did for Jeju Life on my blog under My videos section. I’ve got a ton of footage that needs editing, so I should have some more videos in the coming weeks…

  2. Traveling far. Standing still.


    That focus wheel is kind of whack, isn’t it? I found the best way is to roll the whole length of your finger over it, instead of many swipes with only the tip. I always test out resolving focus before I record so I know how long it will take.

    Your video was great, I am hoping to organize myself a bit more, and do some cohesive pieces with narration at some point.

    I like the 24p, but removing the telecine pull down makes the files fucking monstrous. I’m heading to the computer market to pick up a terabyte first thing tomorrow morning.

    Do you have a vimeo, or a youtube page? Feel free to send me anything you do.

  3. I’ll have to try that focus trick next time I’m out with the camera, which could be soon…I’m looking forward to all the Spring festivals coming up, especially the cherry blossoms.

    The audio from my video wasn’t the greatest, but I’ve just be using the onboard mic, which sucks. I need to pick up an omni-directional shotgun mic and definitely a lapel mic for future interviews.

    How big of files are we talking about here? I’m using a 500gb external to edit at the moment, but have been considering getting another one.

    I’ll let you know as soon as I post some new stuff.

  4. Traveling far. Standing still.

    for instance:

    24p avi file, after pull-down removal 5 minutes=2.25GB
    As opposed to 30p= 0.99GB

    more than double the size

  5. matte batty

    na! in mike’s old room! we just got some chickens and we started a new garden in the side yard!!! and of course why would we ever get rid of the tramp….its the one of the luxuries of this place!

  6. i love the photo of the blossoms with the roofs. so excellent, i wish it were mine. More sexy photos of bryan coming soon…

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