the computer is eating my life

After what seemed like eons, including a fake Korean website, a customs debacle, and a bogus tariff, I finally received my new camera; the Canon hv30. I got it last Thursday, went to Daegu over the weekend, loaded up a few tapes, and am staying up way too late doing film tests with the footage.  Expect about a weeks worth of these.



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2 responses to “the computer is eating my life

  1. I bought this camera maybe 5 months ago, just before coming to Jeju. I love the quality of the image that you can get with it, but I’m looking at getting the WD-H43 wide lens thats manufactured by Canon. Is there any good retailers in Busan, or do you think I would have to order it from Canon?

    I’ve been working with documentary video for the last 5 years or so, doing various historical projects. I like the look of the 24p, but have yet to try it out with my camera. From what you’ve posted, it looks to have a bit more film feeling to the video, do you find there are any other benefits to using it? Is it as easy to edit with?

  2. Traveling far. Standing still.

    Yeah, I am really happy with the quality so far. I am a bit of a rookie and just working out the kinks but it seems like the camera has a lot of potential for the price.

    There are several canon stores here, I am sure you could find the lens, or at least order it through a retailer. I couldn’t find the hv30 in Korea, but I think it’s because it discontinued (hv40 due out soon). Having anything shipped from the states is sketchy- I had to pay $150 duty.

    The 24p is cool, but a bit of a hassle. The thing is you have to remove a pulldown to get the true effect. There are a few different ways to do it, the easier the more expensive. I think the look is worth it, but I have yet to shoot in 30.

    here is a link to a forum with all the details:

    I am using the neoscene trial- which captures and converts the footage into easy to process cinemode files- which correct and load quickly.

    Anyway, if you have any footage on the web, i’d love to see it.

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