Surfing Busan

Even with the wreck of noise and flickery lights in the city one can still manage to get away into something more pristine. Morning hikes are nice, trips to the beach better, especially when the fickle sea knocks up a bit of surf like it did last week when I stumbled upon the SongJeong surf club, a 45-minute bus ride from my front door. There is a large cove with rock outcroppings and a long sandy beach, still littered with gaudy hotels, but less intense than Hauendae. I spent the day shivering through 2 foot closeouts with the glee of a child. I didn’t expect it. I was given some website info and swapped waves with a few locals until dark. I rode the bus back salty with my wetsuit wrapped in a towel. The ajummas eyed the soggy bulge suspiciously.
The club is housed out of a ramshackle beach hut crammed full of boards, wetsuits, and beach paraphernalia. The members, who pay annual dues to stash their equipment and use the club showers, mill around on the porch in their matching purple club sweatshirts after sessions. It seems a genuine, non-commercial surf scene, maybe something akin to the early days of surfing in the US and Australia. The surf in itself was better than I had expected, small but clean, zippy peelers racing into the sand. I ended up in the water for over seven hours, coming in for coffees at the beach hut cafes, dripping wet.
Soengjeong surf club

There were lefts funneling down the beach, light off shores holding them up before the inevitable closeout section. Climb and drop, race the tiny lines into the sand. On the other side of the cove was a right hand point break. I surfed it with a few others, dodging rocks and crap traps, scurrying outside for the occasional chest-high set. Some of the locals said the point broke better in the summer when the swell direction suited it. As my ice cubed toes and limp shoulders thawed out on the ratchety bus ride back through the gray city I felt consoled that only 45 minutes from the din of Busan I could be floating in a peaceful bay. If anyone else is interested in surfing here- holla.
Soengjeong surf
Seong Jeong peeler
I am still trying to discover a reliable surf report, so if anyone knows about surfing in Busan drop me a line. I would love to meet a group who wanted to explore the surf possibilities around here.
Here is the club site, although I can’t seem to get the webcam to work. Get in touch with me if anyone can decipher a surf report.



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9 responses to “Surfing Busan

  1. Shaun

    What’s up bud,
    I have been looking for some surfers to surf and explore with. Are you free on the weekdays? I might get down there this weekend depending on the swell. Have you checked South is better during the summer. I did find a couple waves more north, which line-up more. Anyway, hit me up.

    p.s. do you have skype?

  2. Nikki

    hey!! i have been wanting to learn to surf for a long time!!! i live in the haeundae area….i would love to meet more ppl interested….since i have NO IDEA what to do or how to get started!! id appreciate some info!!! thanks yall!!

    nikki 🙂

  3. Hey! Im in Seoul and plan to head down south in the end of this month. How’s the surfing down there right now?

    Send me a email; boom


  4. Andrew C

    I’m planning to be in Busan this weekend and from what I have deciphered from the (thanx Shaun) 2 day forecast there may be a little swell around and potentially offshore winds.

    Does the Songjeong surfclub profiled above rent boards? As an ignorant Seoulite turning up empty handed will I be able to get my hands on a wetty and board at Songjeong or will I be standing shivering watching the guys in the water tear it up?

    Thanx for the valuable info above and in advance for any additional insights you might be able to offer,


    • Traveling far. Standing still.

      yeah, they have boards, although not the best (and wetsuits). They remodeled the club and are having a grand opening this Sunday and are getting some new gear. It will be interesting to see what they have. You can totally show up empty handed and rent everything you need.

  5. Wu

    Hey how is the surf these days. I am thinking about going down there this weekend… What do you recommend. Hit me up please. thanks bro!

  6. david

    Hi guys,
    I am an Italian guy, I am going to come to Korea (Pusan) next summer, and I am looking for a spot where I will be able to surf in!!!
    I am staying for 7 weeks, so I hope to find a couple of waves….
    Can somebody help me?


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