Three days in Fukuoka

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy. The past two weeks a mess of travel, handling transitions at work with a new boss, ramyeon breakfasts, floating bar stools, a weekend in Gyeongju, and other distractions called life keeping me away from the computer. It’s been busy, but things are going well and we are settling into this new life in the East. Like I mentioned we have a new boss and a new direction at the school. We have to wear suits one day a week, which I am ambivalent about.  But anyway, let me catch  up- I have photos and video from the past weeks.
Here are some clips from our three day visa run excursion to Fukuoka, Japan. We had an incredible time. The three days ended up feeling much longer. We managed to keep moving and and saw most of the city.
It took me awhile to get around to editing these clips. The sound track is a mish-mash of street sounds, a flute concert and other random noise I acquired while in Japan. It is a bit weird still, but so be it.

Fukuoka (43)
We came into town on the Kobee ferry Sunday afternoon and grabbed some sushi before viewing this odd avante-garde flute performance which ended up being a mix of traditional flute, pitch-tone guitar filtered though a thousand peddles, and ambient gong filled percussion. This was all coupled with interpretive dance. It was interesting, but not what we had expected. The sound ended up suiting the clips, but give it an eerie quality. The performance was held in this modern building called the ACROS center which is an office building/symphony hall with terraced glass roofs and covered in foilage, you can walk up the side and see all of Fukuoka from the roof.
Fukuoka (37)
Fukuoka (38)
Fukuoka (30)
We dug Fukuoka and had oral daydreams about living in Japan. After the show we walked the streets and stumbled into an Irish bar for a birthday pint.
Fukuoka (48)
We continued on admiring the nocturnal shrine scene and the rows of Yatai food stalls.
Fukuoka (45)
Fukuoka (139)
The next day we took care of our visa obligations and ran into a group of teachers from up north who we met up with later in the evening. I warned them that I was going to put them on here, So here it is.
Fukuoka (86)
With the bureaucratic business wrapped we took off to explore some of the temple complexes. We wandered aimlessly through gardens and walked back into the city. The aesthetics were similar to the temples in Kyoto. I am amazed at the differences between the temple aesthetics from Korea and Japan, and in a way they say something about the differences between the two places.  Just think Hyundai/Honda, or Samsung/Sony. Anyway, the places were wordlessly beautiful.
Fukuoka (90)
Fukuoka (94)
Fukuoka (96)
Fukuoka (106)
Fukuoka (117)
Fukuoka (131)
Tired and sore from all day walking we went back to the big pink monstrosity of a hotel and soaked in the sauna overlooking Wantanabe avenue. Later that night we met with our Visa friends for a night of bars and fussball, culminating in food stall debauchery.
Fukuoka (56)
Fukuoka (143)
Fukuoka (148)
Fukuoka (152)
Fukuoka (153)
The next day we ran back to the consulate and did some last minute souvenir shopping before boarding the rough seas back across the strait.


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  1. Scott

    That blonde girl is beautiful.

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