Dharma Burger

So every once in a while I get a kick out of checking out “the worst horse” website which posts funny, ironic mash-ups of pop-culture and Buddhism/spirituality; like “Satori investments,” and “Jolly Buddha beer,” that sort of thing. Basically just commercial attempts to use spirituality as a marketing tool, which can often end up pretty damn hilarious. Anyway, they’ve got this one concept called a “dharma-burger” which according to their website “is our name for any example of Buddhist ideas or imagery being used in the creation or marketing of goods, services, etc.” Well yesterday Lauren and I stumbled across the real thing. I sent a photo to “the horse” and they posted it on their blog. Here is the link:

the dharma burger
NOV9TH (39)



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2 responses to “Dharma Burger

  1. jason

    i had sacred cow steak in nepal, although i’m pretty sure it was water buffalo.
    anyway, hypocrisy and religion isn’t exactly shocking to me.

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