A month in review pt.1

After our marathon flight complete with blitzkrieg transfer in Tokyo and lost luggage, we were met by our recruiter who took us to the school where we would be working. Lauren and I were on the verge of exhaustion, red eyed in the back of the cab, nodding in and out of sleep as we swerved through the wild lights and hills surrounding central Busan. We had arrived on Monday night and we were taken out to dinner by our boss. We ate bibimbap and a strong miso type soup of fermented soy before passing out dead and waking up electrically alive at 3 a.m in our new apartment only a little bit bigger than a closet. I went to the roof top and tried to poach an internet signal. We eventually headed out to explore the university district but only found fresh puddles of vomit left behind by drunken students wandering home in the twilight. Somewhere down one of those streets we found this:
Been there
We actually ended up here later that week with some new friends we met in the area. We were given our own private room with spinning disco ball, snacks and copious amount of alcohol. We were surprised by the range of music and spent the wee hours of the morning belting out Beatles, Pixies and Tupac tracks with stupefied vigor.
Luckily we were given a long weekend that first week and spent it at the beach for the Pusan Film Festival.

PIFF 012
PIFF 015
We wandered around, put our toes in the water and ate hamburgers at a bar called 88 in Miami. We ended up checking out a few of the festival films at an outdoor theater and watched the old men sing and clap in groups along the shore. It was refreshing to be near the ocean after such a disorienting and crazy week. Having always lived near the ocean being away from it can a stunning experience, and it was a relief to find that it was only a short subway ride away.


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