Kyoto clips

A string of clips from an old trip to Kyoto, Japan. The music is by Nabowa, who I had found playing on a street corner. They were selling their cd out of a violin case. It was 500 yen ($5). There are a few clips of them in the piece. All of the video was shot on my Olympus-350 digital photo camera. The footage is mostly downtown near the river, with a few shots on Nanzenji and Rytukugi. There are also a few bicycle shots near Heinian shrine.


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  1. annah rowe

    Hi Kelly-
    Glad to have found this blogthing of yours.. . filled w yr. words/thoughts/observations…..that have kept my dirfting mind at attention and quite occupied for some time now. This music is f*ing beautiful! I always find the best treasures in the cracks and corners of city streets~
    ThankYOU and your eyes for the Obamaiseverywhere pics- (the visual commentary i seek) Take care – I’ll be reading and hope to pressure you into a lil’ Q&A asap…..

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