For some wild and woolly reason I have succumb to the pressures of the 21st century and created a new-fangled digital “web log.” I am under the assumption that this will somehow make me more productive, and if not at least more “dialed in.”  The content from what I can assume will be found-objects (mostly virtual), and maybe a note or two on books, poems, events, and other paraphernalia which strikes me as personally amusing.

     About me (might be indicative of content): early to mid twenty-something, freshly minted member of post-collegiate reality, liberal studies major, wholly unemployable, attempting to find my “calling,” akin to daydreams and fanciful notions of living in a yurt or sailing across the Atlantic, scatter-brained bibliophile, enjoying outdoorsy things as well as indoors, hoping to figure out “ultimate reality” and go from there. 

   For all those who stumble into this realm let me hope you might pick up a nifty tid-bit of digitized culture or some web-link of interest, if not heaps of pornography and a professional and varied “blogosphere” are only a click away.

P.S- This whole project is primarily a learning experience. Just an attempt to force myself to write more, so please excuse mistakes. Also, all you grammarians, excersise your full discretion in correcting my pitiful comma-splices and run-on sentences. Sadly, I am grammatically illeterate and very much need to learn written language properly. Criticisms would be much appreciated. Spanks.




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